Phlipseyed Clothing Co.

Phlipseyed Clothing Co. is an urban lifestyle brand based out of Phoenix, AZ. Initially starting in 1997 as Phlipseyed Entertainment, we have expanded our rapidly growing company with PCCo. to give you our new line of urban streetwear.

Our goal is a simple one – To produce clothing that appeals to people who are always on the move, but who also have an eye for style and comfort. We strive to create appealing and fashionable apparel, without compromising our image and integrity for the dollar.

Citing real people and real clothes as the inspiration for the wearable, timeless pieces, we have become renowned as the brand that offers multifunctional, urban streetwear with our own unique stamp.

Phlipseyed Clothing Co. is not only a pioneer of the fashion industry in Phoenix, but one of the best kept secrets of the urban community.